Peter S. Easton Jr.
Contact Information:

Current Employment:
myPratt uPortal Portal Administrator/Developer
Classes I've Taught (@Pratt):
CG320 Interactive Media
MacroMedia Director based interaction
CG330 Adv. Interactive Media
Advanced MacroMedia Director based interaction
CG520 Interactive Online
Web programing with HTML
CG525 Adv. Interactive Online
Advanced Web programing with CGI, SSI, PERL & PHP
Some jobs:
MetroCAF 2006
Website design and implementation for the 2006 MetoCAF
A small program using the Konfabulator engine to keep you informed about your all important email.
LoPresti Dance Theatre
Dance Studio website
Medical related website
Database Design
Relational database to track students at a dance studio
Code Work
Bits and pieces of code in PHP, PERL and others.[see CG525]
Art Work:
Photos, Drawings, Other Stuff


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